Flat Flamingo Photo Contest

flat flamingo balance awareness weekTake "Flat Flamingo" with you... work, school, the park, a concert, hiking, biking, or just sitting in a coffee shop. Have a party and get all your friends together to flaunt your Flat Flamingo!

Take a picture and post it publicly on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram - tag VEDA and use the hashtag #flatflamingo - with a message about why raising awareness about vestibular disorders is important to you (see below for sample messages). When you're done, pass your Flat Flamingo on to a friend and invite them to take their own Flat Flamingo photo. Let's see how many Flat Flamingos we can get on the internet!

Prizes: The top ten photos will be selected - winners receive a KEEN backpack!

How to get your Flat Flamingo: 

Sample messages:


  • As many as 35% of adults aged 40 years or older have experienced some form of vestibular dysfunction. Vestibular disorders result when disease or injury affects those parts of the inner ear and brain that control balance and spatial orientation. If you or a loved one experience unexplained dizziness or imbalance, visit to learn more. #defeatdizziness @vestibulardisorders
  • I have a vestibular disorder that has dramatically affected my life. I learned to cope with the help of the Vestibular Disorders Association. Many people go months or years without getting help. I want to make sure no one suffers alone. Please share this post to help me raise awareness. Check out to learn more. #flatflamingo @vestibulardisorders
  • Dizziness+imbalance+vertigo=vestibular disorder. Learn more at [email protected]
  • Vertigo, dizziness & imbalance are debilitating. Learn more at #flatflamingo @vestibularveda 



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