Living with a Vestibular Disorder

We understand.

Living with a vestibular disorder can affect a person's life in many ways.

The vestibular system is central to a person’s core functioning. A damaged or diseased vestibular system, therefore, affects not only how you fcairn in water with reflectioneel, but how you are able to perform day-to-day activities.

With or without a diagnosis, a dizzy person can be overwhelmed and confused. Many people need guidance about how to self-educate and how to help family members and friends understand their experience and the daily challenges they face.

The following pages provide answers to some of the common questions asked by people living with a chronic vestibular disorder, as well as strategies, tips, and links to additional information.



Thanks to VEDA, vestibular disorders are becoming recognized for their impacts on people's lives and our economy. We see new diagnostic tools and research studies, more accessible treatments, and a growing respect for how life-changing vestibular disorders can be.

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