BAHA Hearing Aid

I have single side deafness and am wondering if any one has experience with a BAH type hearing device.

Thanks for any thoughts and sharing your experience.




Tom, I'm SSD after a labyrinthectomy to alleviate debilitating vertigo thanks to Meniere's Disease.  After battling insurance for months on end, I had the abuttment implanted in May, 2013 and had my processor activated on August 16th.  I love it!  The surgery was a breeze.  I didn't think I would be too overwhelmed b/c I have hearing, so what's the big deal, right?  I was in tears in the first minute; I couldn't believe the subtle little sound I was picking up.  If you expect to be able to echolocate, don't get your hopes up - you still can't identify WHERE a sound is coming from if you don't already know the source - but, you definitely can HEAR it! :-)  

I knew a great deal of my energy was devoted to compensating for the loss of hearing (I'm a teacher and by the end of each school day I could barely crawl to my vehicle in order to get home and go to sleep for a few hours).  I just didn't understand how much work I was doing to try and keep up with the bilateral hearing world.  I now have much more energy to use on every day activities.  The TV doesn't have to blow everyone else out of the room in order for me to understand conversation. I can order at a drive through without sounding like a dork.  My posture has improved and the neck/back strain is gone because I don't constant tilt my head and turn to one side in order to pick up speech.  I do better in meetings or situations where people are seated on both sides of me, without having to constantly look back and forth and struggle to keep up with the verbal exhanges.

I hope this has been helpful. 


I went deaf on one side after labrynthitis. I waited 6 months to get the baha.  It's a life changer.  I never should have waited.



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