On the Level - Spring 2012

In this Issue:

  • Life Can Change in a Minute: My Experience with Bilateral Semi-Circular Canal Dehiscence
  • The Four Flavors of Dizzy
  • Benign Paroxysmal Positional...what?
  • In Memory...
  • New Waterproof Hearing Aids & Implants
  • Hearing Loss in Children
  • Vestibular Migraine & Vertigo
  • Pupil Dilation Uncovers Extra Listening Effort
  • VEDA is accepting applications for Board Membership


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I am brand new to the VEDA family and so very grateful to have been given your information by my P.T. last September. I thought I could manage this on my own, but the past several months I had an increasing need for support. I knew I had to join when I finally researched your website and saw Laura Rainey's article about her life changing experience living with Bilateral Semi Circular Canal Dehiscence. I too, was diagnosed with S.C.C.D. in March of 2011 and had the surgery in May that same year. Unfortunatley, I still suffer with the same sypmtoms as before having the surgery and have had to adjust my life accordingly. "Thank you" to VEDA and Laura for sharing her story, unfortunatley it is nice to know that I am not alone with this disorder!


Have a blessed day,

Amy Burkhart



You are not alone! My dagnosis was "vertigo" but after researching I realize I have a lousy Dr. and an unnamed vistibular disorder. Never heard of vestibular disorder, never heard of anyone haveing 24/7 problems.

VEDA has opened doors for me. My wife gets vertigo occasionally. She's a "weather vane" for severe changes. The hardest part, for me, has been having family and friends understand. Sure I look healthy, can carry on an intelleget conversation in a romm with less than 4 if I sit in the right place. Had this for about 3 years and it keeps evolving. Hope it evolves out of my life but for now...


Brian Jennings

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