Great Experience Project - aka Vestibular Friendly businesses

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Cynthia Ryan
Great Experience Project - aka Vestibular Friendly businesses

From Nov. meeting minutes: 

Overview: our goals are to increase # members, increase # of donors and frequency of giving, and increase the number of corporate donors. Another avenue for revenue could be to develop a program where companies pay us to be listed on a “Vestibular Friendly” business directory. Three main types of businesses that might be good for this: travel agencies, exercise (e.g. gyms), and diet (e.g. restaurants). How would we do this? Create guidelines/standards (not a certification). Have corporations self-identify as being vestibular friendly. Overall, BOD likes the idea and thinks it has merit. Businesses would provide a discount to VeDA members and VeDA would receive a % of these proceeds. Holly: need to develop a “business case,” with the number of clients we can refer to them. Probably most attractive to nationwide companies with chains. Also suggested eventually having a searchable online list. Esteban: try a small pilot project. Gary: certification is a huge effort. Suggested we track down restaurants which already offer low salt options; CR going to move to Board Forum for further discussion. Rose & Holly offered to serve on a subcommittee with Esteban to flush this idea out further.

Michelle Eyres
Vestibular Friendly

I like the idea and feel we could also engage our CoS members through a survey asking them (1) what is hard or what makes it easy to go to a business; (2) what businesses would you recommend as being vestibular friendly?

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