AMPT Rehab- Dizziness and Balance Center and Concussion Clinic

AMPT Rehab provides physical therapy to patients with neurologic dysfunction. We specialize in vestibular disorders, balance dysfunction, prevention and treatment of falls, and concussion. We have specializations in neurologic clinical practice from the American Physical Therapy Association and we have completed competencies of vestibualr rehabilitation through Emory University.
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Physical Therapist
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AMPT Rehab is a privately owned physical therapy practice located in Houston, Texas. The physical therapists at AMPT share one common goal: provide every patient seen the best care we can give them every time we see them. We have specialty programs that include: Dizziness and Balance Center; Concussion Clinic; Neurologic Rehabilitation; Amputee Mobility and Prosthetic Training. We blend advanced technology with years of clinical expertise and best available research to diagnose and treat vestibular or balance dysfunction tailored to the individual needs of our patients.

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