For many, living with a vestibular condition is a daily obstacle course. Each day we rise to the challenge of adapting our lifestyle to regain greater control and balance in our lives. There are good days and bad days on this journey no one expected to take. But every step forward in mastering this new normal, is a step in the right direction. What may have initially felt insurmountable eventually becomes routine. Mountains turn into molehills. We discover new ways of moving, eating sleeping, and dealing with stress that make every day a little better than the one before. We learn how to recalibrate our bodies (and minds) to keep forging on. And like all journeys, we will hit road bumps along the way as new challenges present themselves. Sometimes it feels like for every two steps forward there’s a step backward. While frustrating, these momentary regressions are simply new obstacles to overcome. New lines in the sand to eventually leap over. As we’ve done before, we push ourselves to take one more step forward—walking, running, dancing, climbing, or stretching a little further. Because what matters isn’t how far we go, it’s that we keep crossing new milestones on the path toward a life rebalanced.

Steps-2-Balance is the Vestibular Disorder Association (VeDA)’s annual call to all those living with a vestibular condition, to challenge themselves in taking a step forward on their journey back to balance. From May 17-23, 2020, VeDA is asking vestibular patients across the country to set a personal balance-related goal and to self-organize an activity to achieve it. While many vestibular patients are restricted in their everyday mobility, we also know that many forms of exercise or movement can help patients improve their balance. So regardless of where a patient is on their personal road to recovery, we hope anyone can find an opportunity to take a “step” forward and participate in Steps-2-Balance.