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VeDA encourages you to celebrate Steps-2-Balance by holding a virtual event. This could be a workshop, challenge, or social engagement opportunity. If you’d like to share your event so others can participate, let us know.


Ditch the Dizziness – Online Classes for Vestibular Rehab

Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic

Weekly online classes: This class is for people who are currently experiencing symptoms of dizziness, unsteadiness, imbalance or vertigo. You will learn introductory gaze stabilization exercises, explore ways to gently challenge your symptoms in a safe manner, and improve your balance. This class can be done seated or standing, and modifications will be provided for a variety of ability levels. This is not a class that will increase your heart rate, but it WILL challenge your brain and help to improve utilization of your vestibular system (inner ear). No special equipment is required, but ensure you have a safe space to be working in. There will be a question and answer period after each class. The instructor is a certified vestibular therapist.


Questions: [email protected]; Juliet @ 604.424.8280