Balance Awareness Week Kick-Off

The goal of Balance Awareness Week is to raise awareness about vestibular disorders. You can help by participating in one of our many BAW events.

Take the Balance Challenge!

Balance is often taken for granted. Using our PINK FLAMINGO theme we are raising awareness about balance and the challenges of living with a vestibular disorder. Download a pink flamingo hat, send us a picture, and post it on your social media pages. Visit for more information.

Spread the word!

Make an announcement in your company newsletter about Balance Awareness Week and encourage employees, patients and clients to get involved in one of our many activities.

Create a Personal Campaign Page

Tell your story and ask your friends, family and coworkers to support you. Find more information at and get started today!Create a Personal Campaign Page.

Balance Awareness Week posters

Posters will be distributed to VeDA professional members in mid-August. Please display these in areas of your clinic that are highly visible to staff and patients. Patients can request posters by contacting us at [email protected] or calling (800) 837-8428. The back of the poster displays our “Feeling Dizzy” infographic so you can use it throughout the year!

Participate in the 5K Dizzy Dash!

Vestibular patients need to keep moving to maintain their balance. This virtual 5K encourages clinic staff, patients, friends and family to exercise. Visit for more information and to register.

Flamingo t-shirts

flamingo balance awareness weekPurchase a fun flamingo t-shirt and display your VeDA colors! Wear your t-shirt while participating in the Dizzy Dash 5K, going to the grocery store, or hanging around the house. Proceeds benefit VeDA's education programs, plus you'll be helping to increase awareness about vestibular disorders. Visit for more information.

The Whole Kit-n-Kaboodle

Buy a t-shirt, where a flamingo hat, participate in the Dizzy Dash, and don't forget to send us photos! 

Thank you for supporting Balance Awareness Week!