Dizzy Dash 2017

VEDA and the information I found through this nonprofit organization is the reason I was able to seek proper medical treatment for my vestibular disorder, vestibular migraines. I will be forever grateful.
Goal $ 200.00
100% towards our goal
$ 294.00 raised
Victoria R.
$ 144.00
R. Gump Builders
$ 150.00

I’m sharing my goal for the 4th annual Dizzy Dash and that is hiking 5K on a trail in or around Bozeman, Montana with my friends and family. Montana is a mecca of wildlife and outdoor sports that I want to explore despite my constant battle with dizziness. It is really important to me to overcome my fear of outdoor activities and start enjoying nature with my loved ones.

Before my dizziness started I was fearless, athletic, and always ready for an adventure. I still dream of the days before the dizziness started when I could do things like travel to New Zealand with my husband and enjoy an eight hour hike to Franz Josef glacier without a care in the world.

In 2011, one month after having my first baby, the dizziness started and it never stopped. I feared daylight with all the disturbing visual distortions and the constant drunken stupor that did not cease until I closed my eyes. I feared my own baby waking in the night because rocking him to sleep was torture. I feared leaving my house.

I was diagnosed with vestibular migraines after six months of questioning my sanity along with countless doctor appointments. The proper medication and avoidance of triggers helps me control my symptoms and I function like my old self most days. I made it through the remainder of a PhD program while raising my son. Four years later I was even able to defend my thesis five months pregnant with my second little guy. However, I still have bad days and I still live in fear of trying new things that could trigger symptoms because of this disease.

I want to participate in the Dizzy Dash to begin fighting my fear of trying new activities, as a team, with my fellow VEDA members. Regardless of the caliber of motion you choose, whether it be to walk from the couch to the sink, the front door to the driveway, or run a triathlon, let’s help each other achieve our goals.

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