The 10 Lap Dizzy Dash

Hello and welcome to my campaign! I will be running 10 laps around my local park to support and raise awareness for those that suffer from vertigo, dizziness and vestibular disorders.
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Over 3 years ago I was diagnosed with vestibular neuritis and BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) which was very life changing for me.

Even simple day to day activities became challenging for me, but over the years I have found ways to improve my health and teach others to do the same.

From there that led me onto creating Cure Vertigo Now, which is dedicated to helping those who suffer from vertigo, dizziness and vestibular dizziness.

I have made it my mission to help those from all across the globe with their vestibular disorders. Motivating other sufferers is also very important to me.

I know this journey has many obstacles and challenges, but please do not give up!

This is why as a VEDA ambassador I have given myself this challenge to further stretch myself and do something that will push me to my limits, and I encourage you to also do the same.

With your help and donations, you will aid in supporting millions of lives across the world and those who suffer from vestibular disorders on a daily basis.

May 20th is the big day!

The day that I partake in this challenge, however…

I also want YOU to take action!

Give yourself a personal goal. Now I'm not saying to go out there and do 10 laps around your local park, however what I am saying is to do something that takes you a little out of your comfort zone.

Whether if that's going to your local grocery store or going out with a friend, I want you to do your best and go for it!

The feeling you'll get after doing this will be so rewarding!

Thank you for taking the time out to go through my campaign and I would really appreciate any donations for this event.

Keep on propelling forward!


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