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Hi! My name is Debbie. I'm doing this because I suffer from BPPV. More research is needed to help those whose quality of life has been affected drastically, including mine.
I have BPPV, but there are many more vestibular disorders the doctors don't know much about. My quality of life has been drastically changed because of this. I've met several more that are worse off than me. Imagine not being able to drive, go out to dinner, watch tv or even simple things like take a bath and brush your teeth. That's what people with vestibular disorders deal with everyday. Imagine your quality of life disrupted so much that you just want to give up on life. Even though it's not life threatening it is life altering for many people. I want to raise money and awareness so that doctors can learn more about the different vestibular disorders and how to treat them to give people their lives back. Most people with these problems would love to have just one normal day! Imagine being dizzy all the time, where sometimes are worse than others. If you're someone who complains about having to work I will trade you. I would love to be able to work and can't because of the BPPV. I'm asking all my family and friends to help me raise money for VEDA(Vestibular Disorders Association) so they can continue their research and help those who are still looking to their doctors for diagnosis and more help. Remember, every dollar counts! I'd like to thank you in advance for your contributions, which by the way are tax deductible!

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