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Sandra's Balancing Act
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Please join me in supporting VEDA's continuing advocacy and education efforts for people with vestibular disorders.

I deal with dizziness and imbalance on a daily basis. One resource that has been of significant benefit to me is VEDA. I was thrilled to find all the advice, help, support and educational resources that VEDA provides. There was even a section for professionals!  I was delighted to find people like me, with clear descriptions of what we go through, helping each other. Dizziness and imbalance issues are ‘invisible’ to others. Good balance is often taken for granted. People with impaired balance, find day to day activities extremely fatiguing...

This campaign is important to me as by supporting VEDA we support an association committed to serve people with vestibular issues. 

Please join me in supporting VEDA during the 2015 BALANCE AWARENESS WEEK Campaign.

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