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Balancing Act
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I have experienced 7 years of a balance disorder and hope to help others who are experiencing similar problems. It is vital that they know they are not alone - we are all here to help and support each other.

In 2007 I experienced my first vertigo attack which made me feel as if the earth had fallen away from me.  In NYC I experienced feelings of the world spinning around me - EVERY DAY.  I walked through Grand Central Station and was not sure I could get to my office without falling down or becoming ill. After much reseach and many false starts I have been very lucky to find the best doctors and vestibular therapists who have taught me how to successfully manage daily living.  VEDA provided me with a robust and professional site to research information and to find providers in my area. 

VEDA invited me to participate in a video project that was filmed at Mass Eye & Ear here in Boston. Click here for the first video and click here for the second video.

My goal is to support others who suffer with the many versions of vestibular disorders. I hope you will support my efforts to raise funds for this vital organization to help others with our "invisible" disorder.  Thank you!

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