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My name is Kristen Janky. I am pleased to be the Honorary Chair of Vestibular Disorders Association’s (VEDA) Balance Awareness Week. My initial interest in the field of Audiology stemmed from having a brother with severe-to-profound hearing loss who went on to suffer from a vestibular disorder. As a clinician, I utilize the resources found on both for personal and patient education. I am the clinical coordinator of Vestibular Services and Director of the Balance and Vestibular Research Laboratory at Boys Town National Research Hospital in Omaha NE. I see patients with vestibular disorders two days a week in the vestibular clinic and spend my remaining time in research-related activities. The overall focus of my research is on the clinical assessment of dizziness and balance disorders in patients of all ages, with a particular emphasis on how vestibular disorders affect the pediatric population. I received my PhD from the University of Nebraska in 2009 and did a post doc fellowship at Johns Hopkins University from 2010 – 2011.

Balance Awareness Week (“BAW”) is VEDA’s signature annual event whose purpose is to raise public awareness about vestibular disorders. Their goal is to “Defeat Dizziness” by encouraging people who have experienced symptoms like dizziness or vertigo to become informed about their condition and seek help from a vestibular specialist. By increasing awareness we aim to reduce the time it takes patients to receive a diagnosis and put them on the road to recovery.

This year, VEDA celebrates its 19th Annual Balance Awareness Week which takes place from September 14 – 20. Please join me in supporting VEDA’s mission!

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