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I am participating in a personal Campaign for Balance Awareness week For the Vestibular Association, This Association is close to my heart because I suffer from Autoimmune disease of the ear and Vestibular dysfunction. It has taken 32 Doctors and 10 years to be properly diagnosed. Symptoms include, Vertigo, nausea, vomiting, visual issues and changes, head pain, head pressure, zero balance, falling, depression from dealing with a chronic illness. 30 % of all Menieres patients are misdiagnosed and have Autoimmune disease of the ear . AIED. This is because of lack of information, education and communication. I want to help spread the awareness of this disorder and the Vestibular Association that also is wanting to help patients with education, resources, and help with supporting them through this awful journey. In this disease the suicide rate is higher than average, depression is higher, divorce rate is higher and considered to be the most torturous disease there is.

                                        My Journey

My name is Kelly Anne Helsel, I suffer from Autoimmune Disease of the ear, A very rare disease but more importantly went misdiagnosed for 10 years.  If I would have received the proper treatment years ago I wouldn't be deaf in one ear and going deaf in the other.  Along with this disease is Nausea, Vomiting, dizziness, vertigo, diarrhea, eye issues, loss of site, consistant eye changes, tripping, Vertigo drop, which is when you fall with out warning.Unfortunately the drop attacks are occurring more and more which has lead to more visits to the Urgent care and ER and a closet filled with a sling, brace for every body part known to man kind,  Cognitive thinking changes, ear pain and sounds that never end, spinning in your head that doesn't end, consistent headaches, head pressure and pain, neuropothy and weakness through out your body.  So will this party going on in my head, I decided to make the best of it and help others.  My mission is to help spread awareness about this disease and give patients resources and where to receive more help.  Most importantly  the support group I have started has become more than I could have dreamed of.  A group of people that get it, understand, no judgements and there are tears, stories and something we all learn from each other and most of all not feeling alone.  We have a place where we can be our selves and let it out and understand each other. The spouses seem to participate just as much.  The divorce rate is higher and same with suicide because we feel alone, hopeless, no end to the awful things happening when ever the disease wants to rear it's ugly head.  I have 2 blogs to try to get the information out there.  Facebook page is Vestibular Support group of Northern Nv and my web page is Also Invisibleme invisible you support group of Northern NV. So what I am asking today is to help keep the Vestibular Association going, this tool is so important to help spread awareness and offer support and help.  I know times are tough, but every little bit can help .  They have grown a lot in the past year and a full panel of Doctors to help with the education aspect of the site.  It is a god send to me to have this resource and to be able to help others.I will also do Skype support as well as private phone calls, personal e mail is  

Thank you

Kelly Anne Helsel



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