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This Dizzy Phyzzio needs YOU!
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Help me support this hard-working and vital non-profit organization so that they can continue to serve the millions of people of all ages with vestibular dizziness & balance problems.

Dear Family, Friends and Colleagues.  Its that time of year again!: Balance Awareness Week, September 14-20th - the annual fundraising campaign for the Vestibular Disorders Association. VEDA is an essential non-profit organization that supports, educates and advocates for those with dizziness & balance disorders, and for the professionals like myself whose passion is to help those afflicted.  I sit on the board of directors as president and want to do all I can to help VEDA continue its important work, so I am asking you to consider contributing to my campaign.  I will match all donations up to my campaign goal, so together we can make a big difference!

And to you fellow Albertans, you've been so generous in past years but I know times are dicey right now.  Even the smallest donation helps, but if that isn't an option, you can still help spread awareness, which is what this is all about!  Keep an ear/eye open for the many people suffering from dizziness and balance problems, and connect them with me or VEDA so that we can help!

Thank you everyone!

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