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Great News! Vestibular Disorders are being talked about finally! Several sports starts have come forward about their battles with dizziness like basketball superstar LeBron James who suffers from BPPV and PGA golfer Jason Day who collapsed with vertigo at this year's US Open. Now that we're talking, let's support the cause and create the hope for the millions currently suffering!

We've come a long way in the past year adding more educational services for those suffering with dizziness and balance disorders like webinars where people can ask doctors and vestibular specialists questions and get resources for help. Our vestibular ambassador program is growing in communities all over the country. These volunteers help create awareness in their local areas to let people know there is a place to get information and find help - VEDA.

Our professional members are engaged in bringing more information to their colleagues about the latest in vestibular research and our medical team of advisors continues to be committed to finding answers to these debilitating disorders.

Thank you for supporting VEDA and those in your life who suffer from dizziness and imbalance.  

Please give generously so together we can defeat dizziness!  

Here's to a great campaign and Balance Awareness Week!  

Louise, VP, VEDA Board of Directors

Picture Caption:  Taken in South Africa while on safari despite imbalance and dizziness from my disorder of vestibular migraine. Creating joy and living with hope!

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