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Thank you for checking my Balance Awareness Week Personal Campaign Page! I write in my blog Visible Person, Invisible Problem about my own journey with my invisible disorders. I didn't know anything about the kinds of invisible disorders (MAV and CI with impaired VOR)I have before I got sick, and it's really important to me now to share information. I want people to get diagnosed so they can figure out how to cope, and how to move forward with their lives!

When I got sick three and a half years ago, I wanted to know what was wrong with me.   Getting sick was not a gradual process for me.  I went to bed one night in September of 2011, and woke up in the middle of the night to a spinning world.  If I didn't move AT ALL I was fine.  I was very sick, and this is what my husband Ron and daughters Leena and Cara woke up to, when I got up in the morning.  I managed to communicate that I was sick, and went back to bed.




Ten months later, when I finally got my diagnosis of Migraine Associated Vertigo (MAV), there was still so much I wanted to know.  I needed to know what I could do to manage my condition so I would feel better.  I wanted some idea of what my life would be like moving forward.  Then the following spring, I got my vision disorder diagnosis of Convergence Insufficiency (CI) with Exophoria, an undiagnosed childhood problem, dramatically affected by my vertigo, which impaired my vestibulo ocular reflex (VOR).   I was relieved to finally know the other piece of my problems, but again I had lots of questions.  I wanted to make progress, but I also wanted to figure out management, coping skills.  




Shortly before my MAV diagnosis, I started (and continue) Feldenkrais therapy for the balance problems caused by vertigo.   About a year later, when my CI with impaired VOR was diagnosed, I began vision therapy.    I'm constantly learning how to cope with my disorders, as well as working hard to make progress.  During the first couple of years of my illness, I used a voice recognition program called Dragon Naturally Speaking to dictate to my computer.  This allowed me to compose e-mails, and do a small amount of writing, mainly about music.  After a year of slowly improving through vision therapy, I was able to use my keyboard again, and to write in more depth about my experiences.  I've always loved to write; I've done it off and on since I was a teenager.   I am now also writing about my goal of once again teaching private flute lessons.




When I began posting my writing on Facebook, I was invited to become an Ambassador Board Member for the Vestibular Disorder Association, VEDA.  VEDA, an organization I discovered after my MAV diagnosis, works to educate the public and raise awareness about vestibular disorders (MAV is considered a vestibular disorder).  My writing, I hope, reflects snapshots of my life, which is greatly affected by, but is more than the challenges of living with my invisible disorders. 




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