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As a neurotologist and chair of VEDA's medical advisory board, it is my personal priority to help patients who are experiencing unexplained dizziness to get a diagnosis as quickly as possible.

Patients with vestibular symptoms are most often initially assessed by their family physician. General practitioners do not always recognize the vestibular component of their patient’s complaints. As a result, the patient is not referred to the appropriate specialist and they remain without an accurate diagnosis. Many vestibular patients suffer for months or years before receiving effective treatment.

VEDA’s number one goal is to reduce diagnosis times for vestibular patients. A key barrier to diagnosis is a lack of awareness of vestibular disorders by primary care providers. VEDA seeks to bridge that gap by creating triage protocols to help primary care providers differentiate between vestibular and non-vestibular forms of dizziness, and refer patients to the appropriate specialist.

Please help by making a contribution to my personal campaign to Defeat Dizziness. Thank you!


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