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Mind Over Meniere's Balance Awareness Week
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For the past five years, I have suffered from Meniere's Disease, a terrible vestibular disorder that causes violent attacks of vertigo. I have learned to cope and manage my symptoms quite well, but there are millions of people around the world who are still suffering and need your support!

After I was diagnosed, it was dark time in my life. I had no hope and I was terrified. There is no cure, no known cause, and most doctors are uninformed. Often people go years with out receiving a diagnosis.

As I began to research my illness, my heart sank. I was sure my life was over. So much of the information I found filled me with terror.

The Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA), however, proved to be a light in the darkness, and provided me with so much of what I desperately needed to know.

After a long struggle, I have finally been able to take back my health, and now have set out to help those still suffering through my writing and as a VEDA Volunteer Ambassador.

Vestibular disorders may lack the "cultural sex appeal" of more mainstream illnesses, but they destroy lives all the same.

VEDA is our strongest adcvocate, and exists to empower the suffering with the information they need to get a diagnosis and start getting better.

Please make a donation in support of VEDA and Balance Awareness Week.

It is an amazing cause and you will help other people, like me, who suffer in silence and need all the help and awareness we can get!

For my part, I will be completing the VEDA Dizzy Dash 5k, something that was unthinkable when I first diagnosed, and will be donating 20% of all profits from the sale of my new book, Mind Over Meniere's: How I Conquered Meniere's Disease and Learned to Thrive, through September!

Thank you for your support!

Glenn Schweitzer, VEDA Ambassador

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