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Walking My Way to A New Life
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Hello, most of you will know that about a year ago I was sent into shock with life changing news of my health. I'm trying to push myself into a new place and bring awareness to myself and others about vestibular disorders. I'm not trying to raise much for money as I know it's a hard time for most everywhere I'm just doing it for the awareness.

About a year ago I went into the hospital with pain on the right side of my face and all I knew was a reading of an MRI was abnormal and my right ear had some ringing and felt like I couldn't hear as well out of it. I found out that I had a temporal bone cyst that was inoperable and over the course of months and vestibular testing I found out that something caused my balance nerves to be damaged on my right side. I also become deaf in my right ear along with some facial numbness. I also suffer from increased intracranial pressure and undergo spinal taps on a regular basis.

I feel very alone in the world of vestibular disorders and infact I just found out about this website tonight and this week to raise awareness. I'm jumping on board. I'm not even sure if I can walk a 5k to be honest. I will more than likely have to use my walker or cane but I will push and do everything I can to do it. I have become stronger than I ever thought I could possibly be in life over this past year due to this.

I hope that somehow I can help raise awareness through my sharing.

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