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Support Vestibular Disorders Association to Defeat Dizziness™!
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Many of you were extremely supportive when my sister Kate reached out to you asking for contributions to a cause that is near and dear to me. Here I am - a year later - asking for your help again.

Patients with vestibular disorders live with invisible but extremely disabling and isolating illnesses. They lose jobs, activities which are both enjoyable and healing, friends and family.  It is challenging for family and friends to understand these illnesses because patients don't look sick. Meanwhile, patients are constantly using parts of their brains and bodies others don't use just to stand up, sit up, or tolerate the environment in which they find themselves. I have had Meniere's Disease, which has a higher suicide rate than any cancer. for 16 years. Although many Vestibular Disorders are treatable, none are curable.  I have not responded well to treatment.

Over the past year, I've been able to get more involved with the Vestibular Disorders Association. I'm a now an Ambassador Board Member and will continue to be over the next year.  That's why you see so many posts from the Vestibular Disorders Association on my Facebook page. I also appreciate the fact that members of this organization share information about fibromyalgia, Lyme's Disease, migraine, depression, early MS, early ALS, Addison's Disease and other invisible illnesses. I am committed to helping this organization Defeat Dizziness™!

While I may not be front and center for this year's annual Balance Awareness Week campaign, the video I participated in has been viewed by thousands of people who now understand a little more about the debilitating effects these can have on people.  The video is all true, but it doesn't include some of the good things I said. First of all, it is crucial to find a good doctor who understands dizziness and balance disorders.  The Vestibular Disorders Association lists doctors from all over the country.  Secondly, having a vestibular disorder offers some gifts. I am much more humble and have more empathy for anyone with back pain, headaches, or other invisible illnesses.  With help, determined patients can find new activities and build new networks of support in order to dwell in joy and gratitude.  I have found that a sense of humor, yoga, exercise, and gratefulness meditation offer tremendous help.  I love and appreciate my husband more than ever.

I hope that you will consider supporting me again this year. In case you missed it, here is the link to my video from last year as well as other videos for this year. (You have to scroll down a little to see mine.)

If you wish to contribute the the Vestibular Disorders Association on my behalf, please click on the link below.

Mary Z

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