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Raising Awareness for Vestibular Disorders
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I have vertigo and migraines. So far because of lack of knowledge the doctors haven't been able to find a reason for the vertigo. I'm supporting Balance Awareness Week to raise money to educate doctors so that we don't have to suffer with an invisible illness without being able to treat it.

I have had to go on disability since I can no longer work because of vertigo and migraines. I've been to several doctors without a real diagnosis for the vertigo because they just don't know enough about vestibular disorders. They may not be life threatening but they are life altering. Most vestibular disorders are invisible illnesses, but even though you won't die from them a lot of times you feel like you want to. I was so bad that I use to walk into walls, some people can't even get out of bed to go to the bathroom without falling or getting sick to their stomach from the spinning. l want to raise awareness not just to others, but that this is a real disability and to educate the doctors so that we don't have to go through so much misery. Please help me raise awareness by helping me raise money for education of doctors and those who don't deal with it everyday. Every dollar will help. Please give so others don't have to keep suffering.

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