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#defeatdizziness yoga challenge!
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Join me @yogaforhealing and @lyzbaru for a 7 day yoga challenge on instagram or join my private group as we celebrate Balance Awareness Week September 14-20 with the Vestibular Disorders Association. Each day we will share a pose that aims to improve balance or decrease vertigo and its related symptoms, and we will be sure to offer several modifications and adjustments to make this available for all levels. We will also be asking a question each day to get the conversation going. If you're not dizzy, you can still participate because balance is integral to one's yoga practice. For non dizzies, you could make it really fun by adding a handicap like a blindfold or practicing on an uneven or soft surface, etc.
Living the yoga lifestyle and switching to an organic diet gave me my life back, and I want so much to help others benefit from the amazing power of yoga. I believe in a natural approach to healthcare and that pharmaceuticals and medical interventions are a last resort. The goal of many medications and supplements given to vestibular patients is to increase blood flow, so I choose yoga as a means to that end instead. Many postures help to reduce vertigo whIle others improve balance. Yoga is great for combating stress, anxiety, and depression which are cyclical problems for the chronically ill. Yoga is medicine, and in it, you will heal yourself from the inside out. Some of us will experience vertigo for the rest of our days, but we have the power inside us to calm it down and improve our standard of living. Fall 7 times and get up 8. Never surrender. Never give up. We can do this together.

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