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I am supporting Balance Awareness Week to expose the need for education and resources for vestibular disorders.

"Over 35% of US adults aged 40 years and older (69 million Americans) have had a vestibular dysfunction at some point in their lives."

Millions more suffer from some form vestibular disorder. Those numbers are astounding and it amazes me that they get so little attention. The fact is many of the disorders are hard to diagnosis, as I can attest to.

In January of last year I woke up to the world spinning. An onset of "Acute Vertigo" landed me in the hospital. For weeks, I was unable to function with double vision, ringing in the ears, and a loss of my balance.  I still continue to fight with it today.

I was miss diagnosed locally and it took Mass Eye and Ear's Vestibular Doctors to get my proper diagnosis of Vestibular Neuritis. Many others are not so lucky and can go years without a correct diagnosis.

It is hard on both patients and families. It was a valuable resource during my recovery and I am proud to support Balance Awareness Week. 

VEDA's website - has been leading the front in bringing resources to both patients and doctors.  I hope you will join me in helping to bring attention to vestibular disorders.

Thank You for you support.


George P. Ide






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