Participant Page: Our Support Group is on board -- well, not literally, because most of us would get seasick!

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Our Support Group is on board -- well, not literally, because most of us would get seasick!
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Our Dizziness and Balance Support Group of Western New York state is supporting Balance Awareness Week because we appreciate the wealth of helpful information provided by the Vestibular Disorders Association, in addition to their other resources including a directory of health professionals and support groups such as ours. We are happy to help this wonderful organization to "Defeat Dizziness™" by raising people's awareness of dizziness and balance challenges and how they can adversely effect everyday life -- including employment, relationships, driving, and how we feel much or all of the time (i.e., lousy). We try to be as optimistic as possible while dealing with these and other quality of life issues, although at times this can be quite difficult. Many people don't realize that dizziness can be debilitating. As our support group attempts to raise much-needed funds for VEDA, not only are we giving something back to our "parent organization", but we are also encouraging others who suffer with dizziness and vertigo to find the help that they need. VEDA is a great place to start, as many of us know from experience. Please help during Balance Awareness Week by making a donation, no matter what the amount. Every dollar is one more dollar than VEDA had before! Thank you very much!

Thank you so much for joining us in this campaign. With your help, we know that we are "Defeat Dizziness™" now! 

Please make a donation -- it's quick and easy...  much quicker and easier than a dizzy person trying to navigate through a supermarket!

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