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This year I am stepping up my game to fight vertigo and dizziness. Won't you join me in supporting this Top-Rated NonProfit?

I have been a fan of VEDA since I treated my first dizzy patient in the early 1990's. Before "vestibular rehabilitation" was even defined, this organization was formed by grass roots effort of practioners and patients who wanted to learn all they could of this new field and provide the most up to date information to patients and practitioners alike.  If you know me at all, you know that my life's work has been evaluating and treating  patients with vertigo and complicated neurological problems. This organization has been an invaluable resource for people searching for information, support, encouragement, and even referrals to doctors or therapists.  I joined the Board of Directors in 2015 to give back to this great organization that has given so much to me and my patients over the years. Won't you help me with my personal campaign to raise awareness and funds for VEDA?

"For over 25 years VEDA has been helping people with inner ear balance disorders learn how the vestibular system works and how to better understand and cope with their symptoms. We direct people to qualified professional services and provide a community of support so they don’t feel like they are suffering alone." - See more at:


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