Participant Page: VEDA President's Message - Hope and Healing Are Possible

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VEDA President's Message - Hope and Healing Are Possible
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It is my sincere honor to serve as President of the Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA). Thank you for your participation in our annual Balance Awareness Week.
As a vestibular patient and member of VEDA for 20 years, we are meeting the needs of those affected and suffering from these life-stealing disorders!  There are new support groups and patient education materials, online webinars, patient referral directory and an award-winning website.  In 2016 , we achieved a milestone securing our first "celebrity" spokesperson and created a vestibular awareness and youth vestibular concussion campaign, which received media attention in 190 media markets and got the VEDA name out to over 150 million people!   We have much more to do and more people to serve as people become diagnosed more quickly and accurately as medical advancements are made. When people don't know where to turn during the difficult challenges of vestibular dysfunction they need VEDA's information and resources. VEDA has been there for me and my family - always.  There is hope.  There is support.  There is healing.  Your donation makes those things a reality for millions of people, their families and support networks. On behalf of  the compassionate, dedicated VEDA organization,  THANK YOU.  

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