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I am supporting the Vestibular Disorders Association during balance week because, It comes from my heart not only do I have a Vestibular Dysfunction myself, there are so many people out there that need the support that Veda can provide. They can help you with resources, education, finding you a support group and can help you through your journey with this awful disease.

My story of Vestibular Disorders is more common than you think, , but most people haven't heard of it. It took me 36 Doctors and 10 years to be diagnosed correctly and that was due to my own research on a simple blood test. My life has been forever changed. I have Vertigo, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, cognitive decline, deafness, eye changes, o balance and drop attacks (collapse with out warning). So I decided to made lemonade out of lemons and start reaching out to others. I started a support group, web page, and 3 Facebook pages. I will skype if someone can't meet me in person, I will call anyone that needs that support, but the problem is not enough research is being done for this disease. Communication doesn't happen between Doctors, The education is not there for the Doctors. Baby boomers, veterans, children, athletes, and your every day patient can get this, it is caused by viruses, medications, past trauma to your Brain or current, Stroke, infection, genetics or luck of the draw. I even came across a few people from the airline industry that have the issues from flying all the time. This site is important to help people get the help and resources they need. Please help me step up to the plate and continue Vedas mission to help others with Vestibuar Dysfunction. We may look healthy but we are not. Support is so important, because it is a very lonely disease due to the lack of empathy from families, friends and Doctors. Please Help me make a difference!

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