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The busy-dizzy mom
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I have meniere's disease
I am a mom of 4 children. For three difficult years I lived undiagnosed. After my third baby was born I started feeling dizzy almost all the time. I went to different doctors and all my tests came back negative and they said that maybe I was too anxious or hyperventilating. After my fourth baby was born this year I woke up one morning with really bad dizziness and imbalance and I was feeling like someone was pulling me to the left side. I went to see my naturopath and he said maybe it was laberinyitis or bppv, so he gave me some medication, but the symptoms came back worse. I had a really scared attack and he said that I needed to find an ENT doctor. The ENT Doctor sent me to do a vestibular test, which diagnosed me with meniere's disease in my left ear. I was really happy to know finally what was wrong with me. It's challenging being a mom and living with this condition but my faith is the only thing that gives my heart peace. I don't want other people suffering in the dark not knowing what is going on.

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