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Balance Matters
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Thank you for visiting my personal campaign page in support of Balance Awareness Week.

Balance Matters

Maintaining balance requires 3 primary functions working together like a Team. These Teammates allow one to perform simple tasks such walking, riding a bicycle, and climbing a ladder:

1.  The vestibular system sends signals to the brain about motion and equilibrium.

2.  One's vision provides the brain with information on spatial orientation with respect to objects around you.

3.  Sensory receptors in various body parts send impulses to the brain to help determine the body's position, body movement, and body sway.

When one or more of these systems are not performing properly one no longer has a successful Team.

Balance Matters

35% of Americans over the age of 40 have experienced vestibular dysfunction. In each case, their Team is not performing adequately. For chronic sufferers the result is over $1Bn per year spent on medical care. These individuals endure disability, depression, anxiety, social withdrawal, isolation, and an erosion in quality of life.

The purpose of VEDA, a 501(c)(3) organization, is to inform, support, and advocate for the vestibular community. I joined the Board of Directors of VEDA in 2015 to assist in their mission. The organization's work has resulted in faster and more accurate diagnoses and quicker recovery times.

VEDA is 100% funded by donations, sponsorships, and memberships. The association is dependent on people such as you. Please take a few minutes, click around the website, and see the information and resources available to patients and their families. And please consider making a donation on my personal campaign page. Thank you!

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