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Welcome to my Vestibular Disease Support Page!

Hi everyone! When I was 16, I was diagnosed with Vertigo...a debilitating inner ear disorder. Over the course of my life I have also been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and chronic migraines. I did not know until last year that they were all related and that what I really suffer from are Vestibular Migraines!!! Sometimes with pain, sometimes not...but always with head and neck tightness/preasure, nausea, stomach upset, moderate to severe dizziness, visual disturbances  (like sensitivity to light ), auditory disturbances, anxiety, full feeling in the ears and elevated ringing in the ears. Thankfully these full blown attacks which include all the symptoms mentioned above, don't happen as often as more minor/moderate attacks. I'm just now discovering more information about VM and other vestibular diseases and I want to become more involved in getting more answers! Please help on any way that you can!! Thank you!

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