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BAW 2016
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Let's hit the goal again this year!

As a board member and audiologist I am committed to raising awareness of a condition that often is invisible. We assume those with balance disorders are lazy or crazy! They're not--they are sick. With the average time to diagnosis often 2-3 years, there are feelings of hopelessness, frustration and sadness. Financial problems can arise due to the inability to work. We at VEDA continue to shine a light on vestibular disorders and continue to educate patients and professionals. We are moving forward, slowly. We need your help and remember, every little bit helps.

This Page is 9th out of the 63 fundraisers taking part in event.
Jeff,Debbie,Charlie &Meghan has donated $ 104.00
Nickey & Chris has donated $ 25.00
Kellie Fedde has donated $ 26.00
Laurie Craig has donated $ 50.00
Kona Wootan has donated $ 50.00
Mrs. Elizabeth A Craig has donated $ 104.00
The Cohen Family has donated $ 25.00
Dottie Gordon has donated $ 104.00
Carla has donated $ 50.00
Wilson C. Craig has donated $ 26.00

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