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Hello my dear family and friends. Welcome to my Personal Campaign Page. Balance Awareness Week is so very important to educate EVERYONE on the effects Meniere's Disease and other vestibular disorders have that are life-changing. Coping with the uncertainty and the nature of this condition which at this time, has no cure, can be devastating to the sufferers and their family and friends. Many people, unfortunately, do not comprehend the impact these diseases have on one's quality of life. As a sufferer of MD, I can attest to the way this disease has effected my life in so many ways. Our mission is to have much more research funded to eventually find a cure. Please give us your support in any way you possibly are able. It will mean so much to help in this continuous effort. Thank you and God bless.

I hope and wish for all who are impacted by Meniere's Disease and other vestibular disorders will once again get their lives back. This campaign is so very important to me because the scope of MD is unbelieveable. There are many people who try to live with these conditions that can be so devastating. It is very difficult to have the severe vertigo, vomiting, and imbalance that I have had to endure. Most of all is the fact that my hearing loss in my effected ear robs me of the sounds that we all take for granted. We desperately need the funding for the research to find a cure.  Please help us!!!   Thank you for support.


Rosemary Fiolkowski

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