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Disappointment Is A Daily Grind
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Hi my name is David and I have just recently acquired a vestibular disorder. One of my goals is to raise awareness of this disorder through the continued education and advocacy of what some call an "Invisible Illness."

This campaign page was supposed to be a video showing others what vestibular patients go through on a daily basis. My hope was to raise awareness by showing others how many feel like on a daily basis.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to complete this video due to unforeseen circumstances. But like many others who suffer a balance disorder disappointment is a daily occurrence. A lot of us miss out on what some people consider routine daily functions. Just going to the store or traveling to see family and friends can take a great deal of planning and often times dissapointment on not be able to complete these very simple tasks. 

By being dissapointed doesn't mean that any of us give up on living, we just have to learn to adjust and be very careful on what types of activities can trigger our individual disorders. As for myself, who acquired my disorder after a medical error that missed a stroke. In spite of all of these setbacks, I for one choose to move forward and help others who are suffering with these disorders. I run a local support group, a soon to be released online support group. In addition to that I volunteer on several committees at Vestibular Disorders Association, as well as a chairperson of a grass roots committee of Ambassadors, who we now have world wide. 

So my goals are very simple, one I would like others to know more about our disorders. I would like each one of my friends and family please go to and learn ONE thing about our disorders. Then challenge your friends and family to do the same. If you have the means a small donation would be greatly appreciated, as this group runs on volunteers and donations. 

Thank you in advance for helping me and my fellow dizzy friends!

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