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Balance is more than your inner ear!
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Welcome to my Balance Awareness Week Campaign Page!

I got sick in September of 2011.  That first year, my brain was in a constant fog.  My brain fog was due, in large part, to my diagnosis of Migraine Associated Vertigo (MAV), in July of 2012.  MAV is a vestibular disorder.  Feldenkrais Therapy, and a strictly followed migraine diet help a great deal, though management is a daily issue.  Nearly a year later (May of 2013), I finally received my vision disorder diagnosis of Convergence Insufficiency with an impaired Vestibulo Ocular Reflex (VOR).  To be clear, everyone has a VOR.  I do Vision Therapy for this disorder.


I am extremely grateful for the Vestibular Disorders Association - VEDA, because among other things, they give me the opportunity to share my blog, Visible Person, Invisible Problem.  Through my blog, and through posts I share from VEDA, I want to educate and inform the public about vestibular and vision disorders.  I want people to know how these disorders cause symptoms, impact people's balance, and therefore their lives.  I'm proud to be on the Ambassadors Board - the Patient Advisory Board - of VEDA.  There are many others, who like me, are working to raise awareness about their disorders.  


Please consider making a donation to VEDA. If you are unable to donate, please help spread the word - follow VEDA on Facebook, and share posts! Knowledge is power - Thank you!!

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