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Vestibular patients for smarter doctors & better patient care
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I aim to give vestibular/neurovestibular patients a better chance for swift and accurate diagnosis, a cure or appropriate treatment. We ask for a worldwide agreement on education of medical students, further training for existing specialists and the establishment of medical guidelines regarding vestibular conditions/disorders.



My lovely 10 year old daughter Charlotte made this nice drawing to get a special message out for all of us:


Vestibular and balance disorders affect millions of people each year, often in debilitating ways. 

While some people recover from dizziness and vertigo, others suffer to some degree their entire lives. 




Charlotte knows all about it, because I, her mom, was misdiagnosed for 15 years, before I was cured. 


What about you?


Balance Awareness Week (12 September) is the moment to take action and do an extra effort. 


My 10 fellow campaigners and I set up a petition for change, addressed to the World Health Organization. 


Join us. 

Sign this Petition for Change called: "Vestibular patients for smarter doctors & better patient care"


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I thank Verony, David, Chris, Tamar, Kim, Polly, Margaret, Richard, Beth & Liesbeth for being the best fellow campaigners ever! 

- I also thank my lovely daughter Charlotte for making this nice 'balanced' painting (in fact she just painted me and her dad, but we'll use her artist work to #defeatdizziness!


PS - Feel free to make a donation. If you donate to VEDA, we could ask them to use the amount gathered for training of your doctors.


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