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Dizzy Dashers- Lifemark Amherst NS
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Thank you for supporting my campaign. As a Vestibular and concussion therapist I feel it is important to create awareness about vestibular disorder as it affects nearly 69 million Americans.

Do you now anyone who suffers from dizziness, vertigo, vision impairment, hearing changes, cognitive or psychological changes, headaches? Sadly many people get undiagnosed due to lack of awareness.
 I created this campaign because I would like to make a difference in the lives of vestibular patients worldwide!
"For over 25 years VEDA has been helping people with inner ear balance disorders learn how the vestibular system works and how to better understand and cope with their symptoms. We direct people to qualified professional services and provide a community of support so they don’t feel like they are suffering alone." - See more at:

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