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Balance and Dizziness Awareness
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Hello! Welcome to Element Physical Therapy's campaign to raise awareness and funds to support balance disorders, dizziness, inner ear problems and concussions. We love VEDA and would like to continue to support them as they provide so much useful information to our patients.

I am passionate about helping people who struggle with balance, inner ear disorders, dizziness and concussions.  I,myself, personally was diagnosed with  Menieres disease 22 years ago.  I understand the dizzy and off balance patient.   Please help support us by making a donation today to our most trusted website; VEDA.  Vestibular Disorders Association provides accurate information to the general publicin language they can understand regarding specific inner ear disorders, balance problems, dizziness and concussions.  I appreciate your support and any dollar amount that you would be willing to contribute.  Thank you in advance for supporting our cause.  It allows us to treat you better. 

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