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I became involved with VEDA in 2017 because I was seeking a volunteer opportunity that was unrelated to my business and professional career.  VEDA was a good fit as I suffered from a balance disorder as did my uncle.  I experienced my first episode when I was in Pennsylvania.  I was taking a shower and the tub began to twirl.  Scared the bejeebers out of me!  My uncle was a physician who had to give up his career because of the impact Meniere’s Disease had on his daily life.  Meniere’s is a condition of the inner ear that causes periodic spells of spinning.  My uncle Ben was a jolly character, but when these spells hit him he would lose his balance, and required the use of a walker to steady him.  He loved to drive and was a surgeon—Meniere’s ended both.

Have you ever had a spell of dizziness?  Ever wondered what caused them?

VEDA impressed me because VEDA not only supported research activities associated with balance disorders but also served as an educational resource hub for individuals wondering what the heck was happening to them.  On the VEDA site is a library of resources, written in a way the public can understand and includes resources for our soldiers returning from their military assignments where they may have experienced head trauma or been exposed to malarial environments. 

I serve on VEDA’s board and have found the passion of the Board members is contagious and ambitious in their Mission to help individuals regain balance and improve their lives.  I am especially proud of their Medical Advisory Group that represent some of the top clinicians and institutions in the US and who contribute their time to supporting the development of VEDA’s resource materials and publications. 

Nearly 5 million individuals visit the VEDA website to access our library balance and vestibular disorders and to participate in chat groups of others who have similar conditions. Because of its donors, VEDA can provide these services at no cost to the users.

Additionally, VEDA’s members are active in their journey to find causes and cures for their conditions.  More than 500 of VEDA’s members participated in a research project during the 2014-2015 timeframe that was published in the Journal of Otology and Neurotology.  This research project allowed our Medical Advisory Board and the Otology and Neurotology community to hone in on best practices related to treatment protocols as well as guidelines for accurately distinguishing a patient condition among the many balance disorders.  Our goal as a board is to ensure VEDA remains viable and able to help those looking for answers and connect patients to professionals that can help them.

VEDA did not exist when my Uncle Ben was living.  If it had, I suspect, as tenacious as he was, he would have tapped the medical advisory group and jumped in on one of those chat groups.  He was quite the story teller and he would have had a good story to tell. 

Your support of VEDA's services will be appreciated by me and the many individuals dealing with balance disorders daily.  Thank you.

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