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Jake's Hikes 4 Bucks with Poppy Trails
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Our son, Jake (currently age 8) was diagnosed with E.V.A.S (Enlarged Vestibular Acqueduct Syndrome) officially in 2015, after 6 years of not knowing clearly what was going on with his hearing loss. 

We knew for sure that he had hearing loss the day after he was born and at about a month old, Audiology determined that un-aided, Jake was robbed of middle-range sounds i.e. normal conversation, birds chirping, sound of wind, sound of rain, etc. 

Thankfully with the assistance of aids at 6 months, Jake was able to hear middle range.

And once we officially had a diagnosis at age 6, his hearing aids were fine tuned to accommodate him.

Jake has speech delay due to his hearing loss but is a loving, happy, thriving and extremely smart little guy! 

With E.V.A.S, Jake has good hearing days and bad hearing days.  And we were told that he can become completely deaf at any moment.  Hearing, like other senses, is such a precious gift that we often take for granted!

Currently, E.V.A.S is not correctable but education on this condition is so helpful! 

Jake's Mommy's blog, Poppy Trails, is wanting to help Jake raise funds to help VEDA with Awareness and Education and for Balance Awareness week coming up in September!

"By making a donation, not only does it help raise funds to support VEDA's mission, it also helps your loved ones understand your experience as a vestibular patient and how it has affected your life and who you are."

For every $100.00 raised, we will hike 1 mile during Balance Awareness Week. 

Balance Awareness week is September 18-24th, 2017

Because Jake is 8 years old, we were thinking of a goal of $800.00 but we want to double that and raise $1600.00!

Poppy Trails and little Jake want to thank you! Just know that he is sending you a big hug for donating!

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