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Mrs. Kelly Helsel

I started with just a little dizziness 15 years ago, wth no diagnosis.  and started getting worse, that being said I had to do my own research,  I learned about a test called the 68 AKD that had never been offered to me before, It was Positive.  Autoimmune Disease of the Inner Ear.  My body is attacking my ears.  After being put on Chemo, being sick only to find out after more research Chemo does nothing for my disease, but daily I was getting worse, throwing up between patients, dizzy all the time, vision changes, deaf in one ear and the other going deaf, so I am on immune suppressants, not to help me disease only to keep me from the disease attacking further.  Unfortunately this is not the case with me, I am getting worse, I now have been diagnosed with Autonomic Dysfunction, Autonomic small tissue neuropathy, Autonomic Neuropathy, lupus, plus the autoimmune disease of the ear and lupus and Vestibular dysfunction.  All this includes symptoms of head pain, cranial pain, deafness, drop attacks (you fall with out notice), Dizziness, nausea, gastric issues, knumbness, and my internal temperature gage doesn't work so I am cold all the time.  There is no cure, no treatment, no ribbon, no awareness day.  This Vestibular Dysfunction isn't picky, it doesn't care about your age, health, sex, good or bad, it either starts with avengeances or or slowly, You can loose your job, your driving privledges, your friends, family support.   Vestibular Dysfunction is no laughing matter, it destroys peoples lives and for me it continues to progress and attack other areas.  The Vestibular Association has been a saving grace, Not only a a resource for myself but for me to help others.  I know you get sick of people asking for donations but this is a silent disease, a invisible disease that no one even knows about, The Doctors just look at us and say sorry, no cure, treatments have not known to improve some lives but not all.  Its a lonely disease, depression and suicide not uncommon.  So I just ask you, If you do have any extra, please donate to this cause to help find a cure and to help patients living with this torturous way of life

Thank you on behalf of Vestibular Patients

Kelly Helsel


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