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Janit Greenwood is sharing her story to support VEDA.

What do I have in common with Brock Holt (MLB player), Bryce Salvador (NHL player), Jason Day (golfer) and Mark Cuban (Entrepreneur, Shark). We all have balance disorders! And the VEDA website is our source for professional information.

VEDA is the clearing house for information on vestibular disorders, chronic dizziness and imbalance issues. The site also includes information on non-vestibular causes of dizziness.

I have suffered since 2007 and am very fortunate to have had great medical professionals (I have seen over 15 at last count). It often takes 7 doctors to just get a diagnosis! It is a long time since I thought I would fall over in Grand Central Station. Now I can get through this kind of place without too much difficulty if I keep moving.

My amazing progress came with the help of a "village" - Dr. Cathy Cho, my guru neurologist in NY and great vestibular therapists - Jen Kelly in NYC, Sue Cavanaugh in Stamford and the amazing Kathy Gill-Body in Newton.  All helped me learn how to cope and retrain my brain.  And I found most of their names through VEDA! 

For the 69 million Americans who are afflicted with vestibular disorders, VEDA is an invaluable resource.   We are working to help people engage in life and work and family while they battle every day.  Please help me support this terrific organization which has helped me so much.

I am here to speak with anyone who is suffering - YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  

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