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Buffalo & Western New York Support Group

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Welcome to Buffalo & Western New York Support Group's Balance Awareness webpage!  We are so glad that you have found us.

We are a not for profit, self-help support group whose primary purpose is for those with dizziness and balance problems to share information with each other about living with our various challenges.

Our group also helps to increase the public's awareness of dizziness and balance disorders.

By encouraging personal support in a safe environment, our group members can help one another to cope with issues related to their dizziness problems, and to learn about the existence of healthcare providers in the area who may be able to help medically.

Everything that is shared at our meetings is confidential and we will not share anyone's contact information without permission of the individual.

We serve residents of the Buffalo and Western New York State area, plus neighboring regions, including the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario, Canada. Anyone with a dizziness/vertigo/balance condition is welcome to join us. Significant others are always welcome to attend and participate in our meetings.

Sometimes we have guest speakers at our meetings -- so far we have hosted a Vestibular Researcher, a Doctor of Audiology, a Physical Therapist who specializes in Vestibular Rehabilitation, and a Mindfulness Meditation instructor. More guest speaker presentations are being planned.  Otherwise we have group discussions on a particular topic.

There is no cost to join our group or attend meetings. We meet on the 4th Saturday of each month at the Kenmore Branch Library in Kenmore, NY.

Our group is part of a Support Group Network that is affiliated with the international nonprofit organization, the Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA), which is based in Portland, Oregon.

Thank you for visiting our Balance Awareness page and we hope you will find it in your heart (and wallet) to make a donation to help support the wonderful work that VEDA does!

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