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“My boat is rockin’!”

Hi! Welcome my personal campaign page for VEDA – the Vestibular Disorders Association – and our “Balance Awareness Week 2017!”  This is a super special week as we are reaching out to increase community awareness and support for our amazing association which is dedicated to helping and supporting those affected by vestibular disorders to find a “Life ReBalanced.”

Have you ever just had that feeling, when standing still, that your world is spinning, or the floor is rocking and you just need to sit down?  It’s so frustrating because everything becomes off-balance, from the spinning in your head, to your inability to stand upright and carry on a conversation, to the nausea that develops in the pit of your stomach. I always refer to these episodes as, “My boat is rockin’!” While this may sound funny, it’s anything but.  And, for some…it’s so completely debilitating that it affects their quality of living and takes them from the life they love. Did you know that dizziness is the second most common complaint in the doctor’s office? I saw a number that said that 40% of adults experience dizziness severe enough to warrant reporting it to their doctor.  Are you one of those people?

I’m new to VEDA, but what I’ve come to understand and learn during the short time I’ve been here is that they are absolutely dedicated to the patient and community as they look to provide appropriate education, information, direction and advocation for those suffering from vestibular disorders. Do you know someone – friend, family, co-worker - with vertigo, Meniere’s, tinnitus, chronic dizziness, inner ear disorders, balance challenges? VEDA is for YOU. Please join me in pledging to this worthy organization, supporting them as they help with a “Life ReBalanced.”  Your donation is greatly appreciated.

My heartfelt thanks!



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We are so excited to have a special VeDA board members PCP this year!  All donations to this page will be matched dollar for dollar up to a total of $1,000!

Thank you for all you do to support VeDA all year long and especially during Balance Awareness Week!

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