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Claire Haddad's Balance Awareness Week Campaign
My Story
I am encouraging friends and family members to give generously in support of the Vestibular Disorders Association's Balance Awareness Week, September 15th - 22nd.
I found the Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA) in 1996. It became my lifeline during a time when I couldn't understand why I was rocking 24/7 at age 26. I read all the materials that VEDA had to offer. I found better-trained doctors who could explain my symptoms and I got the vestibular physical therapy that I needed. Most importantly, VEDA confirmed to me that the dizziness and unending fatigue weren't "all in my head" - I had a legitimate physical problem. I joined VEDA's Board of Director in 1999. By 2002, I started the Boston-area Vestibular Disorders Support Group. I wanted to share my knowledge from VEDA with others. VEDA has helped so many people. I ask my family and friends to consider giving as generously as they can. $25, $50, or $100 makes a difference towards improving a person's quality of life. Visit VEDA's website to learn more at

This Page is 2nd out of the 11 fundraisers taking part in event.
Ann & Daniel Flaherty has donated $ 35.00
Claire Haddad has donated $ 415.00
Jeff Colburn has donated $ 50.00
Anne Hartnett has donated $ 100.00
Robert has donated $ 50.00
Dan Flaherty has donated $ 100.00
Nancy Bronson has donated $ 50.00
Don Robitaille has donated $ 50.00
Mary Meyers has donated $ 50.00
Gary Breitbord has donated $ 100.00

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