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Gary Breitbord, Please Support VEDA and Balance Awareness Week
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Thanks for taking time to find out more about the Vestibular Disorder Association (VeDA). VeDA has been a vital resource for me as I struggle with Meniere’s. As part of Balance Awareness Week (Sept. 15-21st, 2014), I’m hoping you can make a donation to support VeDA and the work they do. You all raised more than $10,000 for VeDA in 2013 so I made that my goal for 2014.

I’ve had Meniere’s for the last 20 years. At it’s worst, it’s a debilitating disease with vertigo attacks happening randomly. There are other symptoms including loss of hearing, tinnitus and fullness in the ear. Many people suffer silently from vestibular disorders. There are few outward symptoms while the world is spinning around us. And because there are no outward symptoms, doctors unfamiliar with vestibular disorders conclude that it’s all in our heads. It is, but not in the way that they think. I’m fortunate to be living in the Boston area where some of the best doctors reside at the Mass. Eye and Ear Institute. When I first started feeling the symptoms, the only information available was from medical libraries and the rudimentary Internet sources (remember this was the ancient times of 1994 before the Web). VEDA was invaluable to me as one of the only places I could go to find doctors who understood, others who were also suffering with Meniere’s, and all the resources then currently available. Please support VEDA during Balance Awareness Week (9/15-21) and help raise awareness of vestibular disorders, provide information, and help advocate for better vestibular care. Thank you, Gary

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