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Meniere's What?! Vestibular Who?!
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Together we can make a difference by educating and raising awareness about Vestibular Disorders. Please come join me in supporting VEDA's Balance Week, September 16-21, 2014. I was lost with this silent torture and with the support of The Vestibular Disorder Association my family and friends have been able to help and understand my desperate struggle for answers to this rare disease. I feel that together we have to bring awareness to others and hope to those suffering. We CAN make a difference, thank you!
Meniere's what?! Vestibular who?! This is exactly what I asked myself over 18 years ago when I was told that I was suffering from Meniere's Disease. The severe dizziness, violent vertigo attacks, motion sickness, tinnitus, hearing loss, headaches, spinning, nausea and vomiting, extreme visual disturbances, and days even months of Meniere's attacks. All of which has left me feeling like I am going crazy. I have been battling it diligently with every ounce of my being ever since. I refuse to give up!! Friday, June 29, 2012 I awoke at 3:45 am to go to the job I love. Movement is my career; my life, I am a Fitness Specialist, by 8:15 am my entire world and life as I knew it was changed forever, an optical tumor inside my left eye hemmoraged and took my vision. So now not only was I dizzy and couldn't walk straight now I couldn't see. Meniere's was in charge and progressing to an epic level of dysfunction and destruction. I felt like I was loosing this battle. My Meniers's disease has an extremely large visual component and now I was hallucinating. Am I going crazy? I have lost my job, my vision, my hearing, my balance and mobility and now at 44 my independence, haven't driven in over two years. I am in constant fear and anxiety and feel like I am loosing myself. What is to become of my life?! I constantly ask myself. I was a strong, independent woman who never needed to ask for help for anything, I help others. Now I need help with everything. The one area in my life no one could take away from me was my physicality, freedom of movement, being in our beautiful outdoors and exploring nature, now it is one of my hopes and dreams to be able to move like that again. I feel as if I am all alone, in a world where no one understands me. Silence was a place of comfort and safety for me, now it is my silent nightmare. After several attempts for relief with the support and guidance of my amazing physicians, I have tried injections, radiation, physical therapy, medication therapy and recently surgery, I haven't found my solution. But I will, this can't be it for me? I have so much more to do, to accomplish, to educate, and serve. Silence, isolation, rejection, immobility please stop! I struggle each day just getting out of bed, what is my world going to feel like and look like today? Vertigo attack, maybe a Meniere's attack or is just dizziness with some spinning combined with the constant daily dose of nausea or is it a headache, can't stabilize, walk sideways, falling down, seeing double, or maybe just some blurry vision and hallucinations...sometimes one is better than the other. My new job is now taking care of myself. Working hard not to trigger a Meniere's attack, vertigo attack, throw up or just a panic attack because I am so stressed about having another episode, or the pile of bills I can't pay, or trying to help others understand me and where I am for the day. No matter what I am dealt with or how I feel when I wake up...I always give thanks for the day, for my husband, daughter and friend's unconditional love and support, but always ask, how can I still support and help others? I still just want to go back to June 28, 2012. My husband, Todd, is always researching what is new in Vestibular treatments and came out of his office and asked me, "Have you signed up for the new clinical trial that Veda just posted?" This is when I realized two things: One: The Vestibular Disorder Association (VEDA) and their outstanding work and support is crucial, and Two: my husband cares about me so much he visits and reads VEDA and that meant the world to me. Maybe I'm not alone? Please take a moment read through the information that Veda has to offer on various vestibular disorders and diseases and how they continue to support those inflicted and their families and friends going through this horribly disabling disease. Please consider donating to our cause even if it's a dollar it all helps us with offering clinical trials, finding solutions, cures, and a voice. We still have a chance - Balance Week 2014, please help us find stable ground!!! Thank you very much for reading my story and helping us win the fight against our daily challenges of living in a dizzy world. Yours in Health, take care!! Melissa Abbott, Strafford, NH

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