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Jill Craig is Defeating Dizziness
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It Sounds like a SUPER HERO!! Increase Awareness, Reduce Diagnosis Time and Educate the Public - that is what I am doing!
I've been involved with dizziness and imbalance for more than 20 years! I've been fortunate to have had a broad spectrum of experiences in the vestibular world. From seeing patients as an audiologist to now working with a manufacturer of diagnostic balance equipment, my experience has led me to recently accept an invitation to sit on the Board of Directors of VEDA. In my 20 years of experience, I've seen many changes.
While exciting and monumental advances in diagnostic equipment have occurred and the streamlining of some processes in patient care is fantastic, what remains underwhelming defines why I am committed to helping the Vestibular Disorders Association in achieving its mission.

Vertigo is a symptom people don't see so they may not understand the gravity of the impact it has on daily life . Vertigo is not easily described--dizzy, spinning, unsteady, imbalance, shaky and many other words can be used. As a clinician, I know that different words are consistent with different disorders but not every one knows this. How long some is actually dizzy means something. Not everyone knows this. What someone ate or drank may mean something. Not everyone knows this.

Will you please help VEDA make a difference in the lives of thousands of people? Please support my campaign during for Balance Awareness Week. Help us INCREASE awareness, REDUCE time to diagnosis and EDUCATE the community.

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